Alcoholism risk factors

Alcoholism risk factorsThere are different risk factors for having propensity or addiction to alcoholism. The main factors that can affect a person’s ability to resist alcohol dependence are: a family history of alcohol abuse, preexisting mental condition. For those who have a family history of alcohol abuse, the problem really exists.

Other factors that may be crucial for a person include:

  • Early drinking habit – if you start drinking in the age younger than 15
  • Regular drinking of more than 1-2 drinks
  • Drinking to cope with persisting stresses
  • Having depression, anxiety or fears
  • Childhood abuse of alcohol
  • Having family or relationship problems, including death of a close person
  • Smoking cigarettes or taking illegal drugs
  • Being a man – males have more risks to abuse than females

If anything from this list applies to you, be careful with alcohol consumption.

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